Can I use Balance to achieve redundancy in my links for certain subnets?

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I am planning below topology and would like to know if balance can be deployed in place of router and can it act a Loadbalane for certain subnets and not for default gateway?

Like said I need to achieve link fault tolerance and wanted to place peplink in place of vyos router, so that if primary path for breaks automatically it will be pointed to firewall so that tunnel can be formed up.IN our case I just wanted to link balance using at one end and

Is it possible with Peplink?


Yes this is possible.

  1. Configure WAN1 and WAN2 as IP Forwarding - Network > WAN > Select WAN port > Connection Settings > Click β€œ?” on Routing Mode > Click β€œhere” > IP Forwarding.

  2. Configure Outbound Policy settings below:-

Hope this help.

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Hi TK Liew,

But can it is load balance for certain subnets and not for default gateway? Plus traffic originating from destined to can lets say failover and will be moved to firewall. But what about to reverse route on other side? The box at other end will still be routing to; is it not?


As mentioned by my colleague, using the Outbound Policy defined at Site-A (Network, the Balance will route traffic destined to via MPLS (WAN 2). If MPLS failed, the traffic will failover to Firewall-1 (WAN 1) without changing the source IP.

Of course you need to define a similar Outbound Policy at Site-B (Network Balance router, so it will forward packets to via MPLS (WAN 2) as primary path, and failover to Firewall-2 (WAN 1) if MPLS down.

One thing to take note, the WAN 2 (MPLS link) interface Healthcheck Method should use PING, and point to peer Balance WAN 2 (MPLS) interface IP. In this case, if the MPLS down at any sites, it will declare the WAN 2 (MPLS) interface down at both sites, to trigger the failover to IPSec path.

Hope this clarified the matter, and let us know if you need further information.

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