Can I Still Enforce Traffic on the Standby Link in an Active-Standby WAN Setup

We have a corner case setup wherein we have to set the Peplink device into an Active Standby setup.

It was going fine until some users complain that they cannot access some site via the Active link (Public IP A). But when we switch to Standby (Public IP B) they have no problem accessing it. We cannot use the standby link as primary for some reason (only when primary fails we have to use it)

What we need to know is, can we still forward/enforce traffic on the Standby link? and the rest will still go to the active one?

Hello @infinitebry,
You may be best to get your local Peplink Partner expert to setup the router.
A link in Standby can not be used to pass traffic, instead what you can do is within the balance routers setup customise traffic rules. This takes a bit of planing & time to get right, though we have many sites that we have had to do this for.

This image is an example of a basic setup using the Outbound Policy options.

As to why some IP traffic works on the your A link and not on your B link, that is something more likely to do with DNS resolution and possible ISP filtering rules (these exist with many ISP in differing countries around the world).
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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