Can I set vlan 1 for default Subnet/Vlan

Hi, I have a Current Router, a couple of switches etc in my network. The default subnet/Vlan was originally set as Vlan1 on my other equipment. So I would like to use VLAN1 with the default subnet/vlan on my Peplink Balance One.

So I choose the question mark that allows multiple vlans. Then hit proceed, and the default Lan appears. The VLAN box says “None”, Can I change that to VLAN1 somehow?

I appreciate any help anyone can offer…


You have to change the default VLAN ID on your switch (ex. 262) and make that all of your untagged traffic and you can just use the default on the Peplink for PPTP and or L2TP. Depends on what switches your using. Cisco Catalyst just run your commands to change native vlan and on Cisco SMB switches it’s super easy to change in the GUI. All of this information can be found on google.

BTW, don’t mind the LMGTFU. I’m trigger happy with it as co-workers and myself get each other with it everyday messing around. :smiley:


Default LAN (VLAN “None”) is for Native VLAN.

If the uplink connection from switch require Tag/Trunk VLAN1 then you can create VLAN1 for LAN port connection.

Else if the uplink port from the switch is not a Tag/Trunk connections, then LAN port for Native VLAN should be work fine for the connection.

Thank You