Can I run OSPF on a WAN interface

Hi there,

We got multiple Peplink balance routers around the world with internet connections but also MPLS VPN for quality of service hence voice traffic.

I know that the Balance are not designed to run with MPLS but it works well, except for one thing … the “Interface health check” is limited to PING, DNS & HTTP …
So when a remote MPLS access goes down, my local Balance router does not notice it (as the health check is based on pinging local MPLS POP) and so my outbound policy does not swap the traffic to the speedfusion :frowning:

The option that I found would be to run OSPF with the MPLS POP but two questions :

  • Is the Balance able to run OSPF on the WAN interface ?
  • If so then is the Balance able to check its routing tables (Speedfusion & OSPF) and swap the traffic from a WAN interface (running OSPF) to a Speedfusion (or vice versa) ?

Thanks in advance for your prompt support !



Just to confirm all your sites having Peplink router and all Peplink router are interconnect via MPLS as primary link and SpeedFusion as backup?

Hi TK,

This is correct. critical traffic is using the MPLS while the rest is via speedfusion.

Anyone intersted in my questions ?? :slight_smile:

Hi Frank,

Please find this (Peplink | Pepwave - Forum). I do recommend to use our SpeedFusion/PepVPN instead of OSPF. You can achieve bonding or failover by having this design. It is simple and easy to configure if compare to OSPF implementation.

Hi TK,

Thanks for your response. I think I’ll include the MPLS cnx into the speedfusion … easier indeed :slight_smile: