Can i route traffic out a specific ip?


I have just recently ordered a Balance 20 for our network. Have not gotten it yet but curious about how i might be able to accomplish something once i get it. Overlooked this before i ordered.

We already have two broadband connections and they are both static ip’s. One of our servers needs to connect using one ip and the other server needs to connect to the other static. Is this going to be possible with the 20 to configure which static ip each server uses to connect?

We will also be using another router (Asus RT-N16) as an AP for the wireless which is currently running dd-wrt. which from reading beforehand doesn’t seem to be an issue with the 20.

If not possible to configure specific ip’s for the server using the 20 then which model might i be looking at?


Sure , Peplink Balance has a feature called “NAT Mapping” which you can use to map a specific IP address on a selected WAN link to your Inbound / Outbound traffics.

Awesome thanks very much!