Can I plug a MAX-OTG-U4 into a WAN port on a Balance 710?

In the upside down world that is the internet in Thailand, a single LTE connection provides more upstream bandwidth than the 5 bonded WAN connections from my WISP. No comment.

Anyway, always looking for ‘more’, I wondered if I could buy a MAX-OTG-U4, put 2-3 SIM cards in it, make a SpeedFusion connection from it to a third Balance router I have on another site, and then plug the MAX-OTG-U4 into one of the WAN ports on my main Balance router?

I don’t want to replace the Balance with a MAX-OTG-U4 full time, because I get through 250+GB of data each month, which is far too much for LTE here, and I can’t think of any other ways to add more than 1 LTE connection for HD videoconferencing.

Any thoughts, feedback etc. gratefully received! Thank you.

Hi Edward,

Assume you have the following WAN connections:

  • 5 x Wired WAN
  • 3 x Cellular WAN

You should consider to convert the Cellular WAN to the Ethernet as the Wired WAN for B710.


WAN1 - Wired
WAN2 - Wired
WAN3 - Wired
WAN4 - Wired
WAN5 - Wired
WAN6 –> Cellular (BR1/ USB dongle that support Ethernet as LAN)
WAN7 –> Cellular (BR1/ USB dongle that support Ethernet as LAN )
USB –> Cellular

Thank You

Hi sitloongs,

Many thanks for your suggestion. I hadn’t thought of using BR1s.

However, it looks as if buying 2 X BR1s would cost ~$200 more than 1 X MAX-OTG-U4 (+ SpeedFusion license + 2 X USB modems)

In addition, I can see that the MAX-OTG-U4 would be extremely useful to pack up and take with me when travelling, whereas I wouldn’t take the single SIM card BR1.

So, reverting back to my original question, do you know if it’s possible to connect a MAX-OTG-U4 (in bonded mode) to a WAN port on the 710, please?

i could use FusionHub for the 710 and SpeedFusion for the MAX, if necessary. :slight_smile:

Thanks again, Edward

For anyone interested, I have recently been told that it is possible to plug a MAX-OTG-U4 into a WAN port on the 710, but not in bonded mode.

I also gather that, while the MOTGS4 works very well in balancing / failover mode with 4 x LTE connections, one should not expect to bond more than 2 x LTE connections, and that the MAX-700 is the one to look at if one wants to bond more than this.

Hope this is useful.