Can I flash dd-wrt on the SOHO?

Asking for a friend.


Thanks again - if not that’s okay too.

Never seen it done. Wouldn’t say it’s impossible (nothing is) but I expect it would be challenging.


Flashing dd-wrt to replace the peplink firmware seems to me to be a very expensive way of killing the value-added that peplink provides.

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Hey home user here

It was running really hot (like funny plastic smell hot) and resetting all the time - I thought I was getting hacked or something, so I decided to switch to an old gaming router I had laying around with dd-wrt. Pretty straightforward.

Currently however I am trying to repurpose the SOHO MK3 for mesh networking and having a lot of problems. It’s not running hot anymore but keeps dropping out of the mesh. At first I thought it was just me but I tried using the other older gaming router with dd-wrt on it and it worked no problem. I thought maybe if I could flash it with dd-wrt all my problems would be solved but I am not sure how to do that with peplink products. Is this on the roadmap?

The SOHO works great with other more advanced mesh network products (like eero) but with painlessmesh its just non stop problems. What am I doing wrong? Does the SOHO support 802.11b?

Thanks guys!

Additional Info:

I am trying to design a mesh audio system (kind of like the Ultimate Ears BOOM 3’s I got recently - love them / shameless plug / it’s where I got the idea) - but using 802.11b so as to avoid all the Bluetooth interference. Why FCC why? :sob:


Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 are really nice though (they use a tuned mass passive radiator - pretty slick IMHO) and an easy to change battery. Great for its cost/size - you can really feel the bass - but I want something a little more powerful / less Bluetooth interference.

I was having trouble coming up with cool sounding names, I was going to call it Ninti - but I think that’s taken already / sounds kinda lame. And then it hit me - I’m going to call it “SEISMIC!”. And use more powerful isometric configured push / pull woofers instead to try and head off at the pass any future IP issues wink wink nudge nudge.