Can I ethernet tether an Android 11 phone to a Pepwave max router

Since Android 11 now supports ethernet tethering, can I ethernet tether my 5G Android 11 phone to my Pepwave max 5G router? Do I connect it to the WAN port, and will it automatically disable the internal cellular modem? Are there any configurations I need to enter in order to enable this?? Ethernet tethering of the 5G phone appears to be much faster than either of the USB tethering or Mobile Hotspot options.

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You should be able to do this by connect your 5G Android 11 phone to the WAN Ethernet port of the MAX 5G router (I believe you are referring to the BR1 Pro 5G). The internal cellular modem on the BR1 Pro 5G won’t be disable. Your 5G Android 11 phone will be seen as the Ethernet WAN port from the BR1 Pro 5G.