Can I divide internet traffic from multiple sources based on what wifi network someone signs in on?

I am very new to this peplink system and not well versed in anything related to this sort of thing so please excuse me if I get some of the terminology wrong. My current situation is that I have two starlink systems feeding into the same Peplink MAX BR2 Pro. I will call them Starlink 1 and Starlink 2. From there it branches off to 8 access points to allow people to connect to the wifi networks. Through these access points there are two available wifi networks to connect to named “Starlink 1wifi” and “Starlink 2 wifi” for simplicity. My question… Is it possible to set this up so when logged into Network “Starlink 1 wifi”, data is only drawn from Starlink 1 and similarly when logged into “Starlink 2 wifi”, data is only drawn from Starlink 2? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

If you separate the address spaces for the two Wi-Fi networks then you can employ outbound rules to direct the clients appropriately.

One easy way to achieve that is to create two distinct VLANs (SL1, SL2) with different address spaces (e.g… for SL1 and for SL2).
Then assign each VLAN to the corresponding Wi-Fi SSID (i.e. “Starlink 1 wifi” is associated with SL1, etc.).
Then the outbound rules would be to enforce all traffic from to Starlink 1 and similarly for SL2.
Doing this using InControl2 is quite straightforward.



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