Can Balance 30 LTE do this?

Hi all,

I’m about to order 1 Balance 30 LTE (EU version), but before that I need to know if it can do this.

I have a space covered with few APs. There are two internet sources, DSL line and 3G/4G line.
These APs have possibility to support few SSIDs at the same time.
What I need is, create 2 SSIDs for both sources.

  1. SSID = space_DSL
  2. SSID = space_3G

After connecting those APs directly to Balance 30, can I set it up so that space_3G SSID uses embedded 3G modem and space_DSL uses WAN port on Balance 30 ?
Is it able to do that? If yes, is it too complicated to set it up?


It is possible to achieve your requirement. In firmware 6.1, the VLAN Trunk on LAN interface feature is supported, so you can create 2 vlans (1 for space_DSL and 1 for space_3G) with different subnets. And you can assign the SSID to the respective vlan in the Balance 30 LTE AP Controller settings, and push down the wireless settings to the AP.

You may refer to on how to enable vlan trunk at the Balance 30 LTE.


Thanks Wei-Ming.
I will try this once I receive the unit and report back if I succeeded.

Oh ya, one more thing you need to do after configuring the vlan trunking. You need to set the Outbound Policy to divert different vlan (or SSID subnet) to different WAN link. You can follow this link Peplink | Pepwave - Forum to see how to configure the Outbound policies.

Let us know if you need further assistance.


Great! I thought something was missing but wasn’t sure, now I know :slight_smile:
Thanks once again.