Can any one help with PepVPN in NAT mode

can any one help with PepVPN in NAT mode?

I was trying to play with it but I cant figure it out.

I do have PepVPN works in normal mode but when I check NAT mode in PepVPN profile it just never connects.

Searched forum but have not found answer,
**For curious: 192C-12B4-E63C
Balance one <PepVPN> Balance 380 with static IPs

firmware on both 6.1.2**

NAT mode is a client and server relationship. The server side (380) must have its DHCP server enabled or NAT mode profiles won’t connect. Could that be the issue?

ha I think this is it! :slight_smile: I use other DHCP server on 380 and that’s why :slight_smile: silly me :slight_smile: