Cameras lose connection to NVR with br1

Newbie here…Recently installed a small Avigilon VMA-RPO appliance with three cameras. Everything connected up just fine using for the NVR, .20-.22 for the cameras. Recorded successfully for a few days while I waited for the BR1 mini to arrive. Once connected to the BR1 mini the NVR IP address changes to the static address assigned to the verizon sim card. Internet works great, but the camera lose the connection to the nvr.

Now the NVR address shows 166.208.. in-spite of the statically assigned The cameras remain on the 192. network, and are visible in the camera connect tool, but cannot be connected. If I pull the ethernet connection to the BR1 the NVR reverts to the 192. address, but the cameras won’t reconnect…ARGH!!

Wondering if the cameras need to be set to match the addressing scheme of the static address? If so, how would one identify the correct subnet and gateway? And what networking changes would need to made to the NVR and cameras in order for the cameras to remain connected to the NVR, AND retain the internet connection?

Holy Cow…this was SUPPOSED to be easy…lol

Please help!

Ok, so sounds like you have IP passthrough enabled on the BR1 which is giving the NVR a public IP from the Verizon SIM. Assume you have done that on purpose to give you remote access?

If so then I suspect the way this is meant to work is the cameras should connect to the physical ports on the VMA-PRO, the uplink port on the VMA-PRO should connect to the BR1 then it gets a public IP from verizon but the cameras are on a private IP range provided by the VMA-PRO.

How are the cameras currently physically connected?

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Martin, thanks for the welcome and the response!

IP pass-through is actually NOT enabled. I think this is the point of my confusion. My assumption with pass-through not enabled is that I’d access the NVR with static:port and forward the associated ports within the BR1 to my NVR (which I have done).

The cameras are currently connected to the on-board 4 port camera switch within the NVR. Cameras are configured to ~ 22,, and for the gateway.

I’m out of ideas…any outside thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

But you said the DVR is statically assigned right? Why do you think its IP is changing? Where are you seeing the change?

If you go to the status tab on the BR1 mini and click to look at LAN clients what do you see there?

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Yes, the NVR has two static assigned ethernet adapters. The corporate LAN (which is currently connected to the lan/wan port of the BR1) is set to The camera lan is set to Both are statically assigned.

With out a connection to the BR1 I can observe in the Avigilon ACC set-up page. As soon as I plug the ethernet cable from corporate lan to the BR1, the address in the ACC set-up pages changes to the static address of the Verizon sim card.

Here’s a shot of the clients page:

Ah I see. so its the Avigilon app that detects the IP change. Interesting. What ports does the NVR need to work? Is this just a software thing where the app assumes you want to manage it using its detected IP? I assume if you were on a fixed line, you would open some ports on the router to provide remote access?

Perhaps all that’s needed is some port forwarding and it will all come right?

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Can you confirm that you have paid the $500 fee for a true public static IP with Verizon? Otherwise port forwarding will never work because they use carrier-grade NAT. Thanks