Calix issues staic ip issues

Anyone have or seen issues with calix. I have a customer with a calix ont on site. No matter what we do our 20X will not work in static mode with the calix in bridge or port mode. Flip everything to dhcp and it works but then we are running into double nat issue. Really could use some help here!!

Just tossing some ideas out since I don’t have any experience with Calix (sorry).

You could try to put your router in the DMZ zone of the modem – that should resolve any double NAT issues since the modem will forward all traffic to the B20X. Just disable the firewall on the modem and use the B20X as your perimeter firewall.

It may be helpful to share the model number of the device you are trying to get help with. If the modem is branded for a particular ISP - that may be useful information as well.