Caching in Balance One?

I have a Balance One.

On a number of sites when I visit with iPad or iPhone via WiFi & Balance One, I get a old cached version of the site from my previous visit that is slow to load and then I must reload the site.

I have minimal rules with a simple overflow between the two ISPs. I have reversed the overflow order, still the same - so it does not appear to be a cache at the ISP.

Finally, if i disconnect the WiFi and use Wireless LTE to the device, bypassing the Balance One, I get an updated site and no delay.

Is there a cache somewhere in the Balance One that I am missing?

Otherwise, what would be causing this?

This should be a browser-related issue because we don’t cache anything other than DNS.

But if that is the case, why does it immediately stop caching when i move from the router to direct LTE?

I got you. I assume you are using the ISP’s DNS servers on your Balance One? I recommend to change them to Google’s DNS servers at and This is configured in the WAN setup page.

That accomplishes nothing. Same end result on FiOS and another ISP when going through Balance One.

When I switch iPad to AT&T LTE, bypassing the Balance One, no issues - and instant results.


This is weird. Please open a ticket here for the team to check further.

Thank you

Considering the issue with the Peplink Access Points that I opened close to a year ago was never solved, just pawned off to 3G Store - who never fixed anything - so I am skeptical to say the least.


I have PM you the link to open the support ticket. If you check back the previous post given, i did include the link to open the support ticket.

Regarding to the access point case, did you open support for Peplink Support ? I tried to search through our system, but fail to get any record on it.

Thank You