Hi Guys

Model Peplink MediaFast 500
Firmware6.3.3 build 1778

I am unable to cache YOUTUBE traffic I guess its because YOUTUBE is HTTPS.

Going through your forums I see to cache YOUTUBE we will need to install certificates from the PEPLINK to all end devices is this correct ?


In order for Mediafast devices to cache and deliver HTTPS content, clients need to have the necessary certificates installed.
To install certificates, navigate to, and follow the instructions for your client platform.

See: Peplink | Pepwave - Forum

You Tube is a different story, they go through great lengths to stop people from downloading or caching their content. You Tube makes their money with advertising, so they lose out when people download or cache their content.
That is the main reason it is currently not possible to download or cache YouTube content.


Thank you Erik
I saw a similar response in the Internet.
Please note that there is another product named CACHEBOX (ApplianSys) who guarantees YouTube caching just wondering if Pep link can introduce the same technology


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There is no plan at Peplink to cache YouTube. Thanks.

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Is there new plans on roadmap to support YouTube content caching?


Unfortunately no. There is no official way of doing YT caching. Some vendors are hacking to get some form of caching to work… but that’s not reliable.

Peplink would not commit on a feature that doesn’t deliver consistent performance and reliability.

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Still no plans to cache youtube?