Bypass-peplink balance


Hello everybody,
I’m a network engineer and I begin t use peplink.I have peplink balance 305.
the target is that I want to dedicate the half (50%) of the bandwidth for the CEO and the CTO.
the network archi is attached with this post. There is two archi the first is the running network archi now and the other is the target.
How can I get it? it is possible that we bridge just the peplink and just dedicate 50% of the bandwidth to the ip adress of the CTO and the CEO


Please refer to the FAQ below.

  1. I would suggest performing NAT on your firewall (which behind Peplink router) as below. So Peplink router will see 2 IPs only from your firewall.
  • IPs of CEO and CTO NAT to an IP.
  • The rest of the IPs NAT to another IP.
  1. Assign the CEO and CTO NATTED IP into Staff group and assign the common users NATTED IP into Guest group. Then enable Individual Bandwidth Limit with 50% bandwidth for Staff and 50% bandwidth for the Guest.

  2. Enable Group Bandwidth Reservation with 50% for Staff and 45% for Guest in case the WAN link is full load.

  3. Configure upload and download bandwidth on Peplink’s WAN interface.

Hope this helps.