Bypass ISP ftth router

Hi, I have combo modem and router from my ISP. The modem using ONT SFP GPON. I want to bypass the isp with my Papewave MK3. Can someone give me solutions. I saw TP link MC220L in Amazon who is able to read the SFP GPON but i’m not sure if it’s capable to do VLAN35. Tanks!

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What do you want to do exactly? Is it just getting rid of the ISP modem/router or is it tunneling all your traffic over the ISP to somewhere else?

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Take out ont sfp from the ISP router and using TP-Link MC220L to read my sfp then conect to SOHO mk3. I’m not sure that the TP-LINK transceiver can create route 35 (VLAN35). If MC220L can’t do the job ia there any other cheap solutions.

Well that TPLINK is cheap enough that I would suggest you try it. The SOHO can be configured with VLAN 35 on the WAN port. I expect it will need PPPoE setup on the SOHO WAN with username and password configured which you can get from the current router and then you’re done.

Let us know how you get on.

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Tested. MC220L SFP media connector work perfect with MK3. Good price also. It need user name and password from ISP and VLAN 35.