Buying used Balance 20 on Amazon warehouse deals canada

Gday all,

Currently running a Surf SOHO but came across an open box used amazon warehouse deal for a Balance 20 for $107!

I expect this to be older h/w revision and possibly in rough shape. And probably no longer under warranty.

Seems latest firmware is supported on all hardware revisions for the balance 20.

My main concern though is whether this is locked under someone else’s inControl account.

If that’s the case, I presume I won’t be able to add it to mine?

At least I have the option of returning it to Amazon if anything doesn’t work.

Curious though if there is anything else I should be concerned about.

Hi Stego,

If the device has already been added to someone else’s InControl organisation, you can log a support ticket here and include a picture of the sticker with the serial number on the back of the router and a proof of purchase.
The Peplink support team will assist in getting it released from InControl.

You can find more info on the InControl subscription Terms and Conditions here.

When buying second hand Peplink equipment I would also check if the hardware version of the unit supports the latest firmware.



How would I know if it’s still under someone else’s InControl account?

I was able to add it to mine and still shows it as in warranty until Dec 15,2020.

I presumed it would have prevented me from adding it to my account in the first place if it was under someone else’s account?

It’s also running older firmware (v7.1.2) but hardware révision 6. One hw révision behind. Not bad. Firmware 8.1 is valid for all hw revisions on the Balance 20 so should be good.

I think I may have a scored a good deal here. :sunglasses:

That does sound like a good find!

You would not have been unable to add it to InControl if it was added to another organisation and would have seen an error message.
Something like: “This device can’t be added to InControl, it already belongs to…”


Thanks! Indeed, i was able to add it to my inControl and see it active and online now. Updated to firmware 8.1 … now i have to find an AP. :slight_smile:

Wonder if my Surf SOHO can act as a simple AP… otherwise will have to buy an AP ONE Mini.

I’ve got a new AP one I’ve never used that I’ll sell ya, lol.

Live near Ottawa, ON Canada ? :wink:

Unfortunately no. But i do have some friends travelling to Vancouver at the beginning of the month who could bring it across the border and drop in Canadian Post I guess. Or could mail from USA if needed earlier.

Thanks for the offer. I think I’ll stick with the SURF SOHO for now and use it as an AP.