Buying a used Peplink and software fusion license


If we were to buy a used Peplink balance device such as a 380 which i understand comes with the licence for Speedfusion would that be accessible for a new owner? Or would a new license be required on a use piece of hardware?

We are looking at using bonding / smoothing so need to be able to access speed fusion features.

Anything else to consider on used equipment apart from the obvious e.g. warranty.



The Balance 380 will have SpeedFusion, but you might want to check the HW revision. The HW6 revision has better specs and it is the only version that supports the current 8.0.0 firmware.

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Just to build on @Ron_Case’s answer: HW3 to 5 are limited to firmware 6.3.4, and the throughput is lower: HW1-4: 170Mbps, HW5: 200 Mbps and HW6: 1Gbps.

HW5 and 6 both support up to 30 SpeedFusion partners.

There are quite a few used B380s for sale on eBay at any one point in time. HW5s seem to run about $600 (give or take). But be careful, the sellers can be quite vague about which hardware revision they’re selling. For an easy check you may reference B380 HW revisions - looks.




Thanks for the replies.

After further research i believe i am getting confused with Fusion hub also.

I plan to setup a cloud based fusion hub as a head for the balance 380 to provide us with speedfusion and smoothing in particular as our internet wan connections are 4G.

Can someone explain about the licensing for Fusionhub? Is that separate to the hardware? or included with the balance 380? How long does the license last for? how much is it likely to cost if chargable?

Any explanation on how the license works would be appreciated, on setup videos i have only seen evaluation licenses mentioned.



Hi Kieran

You are correct, SpeedFusion is the VPN Bonding and FusionHub is the virtual appliance which you would require in a data centre to terminate you SpeedFusion tunnel.

The Licence for FusionHub is separate to you device and SpeedFusion capabilities of your device.
You now receive on Free FusionHub licence which can support maximum one end point and 100Mbps throughput.

Please contact a Peplink partner if you require more than 100Mbps throughput as there are other options.

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Thanks for the answer.

I believe Fusionhub Solo is fine for our needs, and our WAN internet connections will not quite reach 100MBPS.

I have setup Fusion hub on the cloud but with a evaluation license before knowing about Solo, does anyone know if it is possible to change the license, or do i need to reinstall?


I expect you’ll have to reinstall. The process is fairly painless: Download the Peplink fusionhub configuration from the current instance. Install the Solo on the instance. Upload the configuration. And there you are. :slight_smile:

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