Bulk tagging - adding a tag to many devices at once


In IC2 I want to tag a whole bunch of units on a network, having created a new tag and wanting to deploy it across the relevant units.

I have not found a way to do that except by editing each entry, one by one.

I have tried to download the CSV, adding the tag in the right column and uploading the result. No go.

Anything I am missing? If this cannot be done, then please add it as a feature request. The use-case being ease of management in the face of changing tagging structures (e.g., associated with organizational restructuring).


Under group or Organisation select “Device management” i the settings menu. Check the option box of all devices you want to add or remove a tag.
Your done !


Thanks, that was very helpful. I was looking at the “Actions” dropdown.


One thing I found helped me enormously on larger deployments was to tag each Peplink crate of equipment as “Box46” etc.

The crates can normally be associated with a particular shipment or batch of installs, so even if something is mistagged, its easy to track it down and edit the tags.

This just saved me from manually adjusting 140 tags, so well worth the few seconds it took to add the tag months ago.