Bulk Configurator & PPPoE

After pushing the configuration using bulk configurator to hundreds of Motg connected to IC, the PPPoE username and password are blank, erased.

We request one of the following solutions :
1- pushing PPPoE username and password in the configuration file
2- Keeping any existing PPPoE username and password that are already configured in the remote Motg.

Thanks for your suggestion. IC2 will preserve any existing PPPoE settings (username, password, service name, IP address) on the device. Such change will be available in the coming IC 2.4.1 which will be deployed to mars next week.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your answer.

Is there any news about upcoming IC 2.4.1 deployment schedule ?

IC 2.4.1 has been deployed to “mars” since last Wednesday. “earth” will receive it too by mid-July. (You can check which planet your organization resides on by looking at the IC2 URL host name after signing in).