Bulk config with remaining of individual settings


Is there a way to use IC2´s bulk configurator and still remain individually settings for each router regarding AP-SSID and it´s password and also keep the uniqe settings for the WAN WPA2-Enterprise credentials?

I see there is other posts similar to my question but no answers or solutions.

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I tend to use the bulk configuration tool as a way to get most of the settings onto a device as part of the initial provisioning process. So I create a group called provisioning, apply bulk configuration to it, then once it has had the configuration applied, move the device(s) into their production group. The production group can have the group wifi settings configuration in place.



Thank you for quick respons! What you described is more or less what I already have done. The case now is that I have to do 11 minor configuration changes on each of my 50 devices without changing the WAN wifi settings or the AP wifi-settings.

If it was just WIFI AP settings and you were managing those using IC2 you’d be fine as the bulk config only overwrites settings that are not being actively managed by IC2.

However Wifi WAN is not manageable via IC2 so you’re stuck. TIme to break out the device API maybe… or order in Pizza and start clicking away at remote web admin.

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The Pizza was great!
Thank´s for response!


Strange, in my experience bulk config did not push WIFI as WAN to the other devices, to my great despair…

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In my case it was the unique settings for user credentials in the wifi-wan (PEAP MSCHAPV2) I didn´t want to change and the SSID and password on the AP-wifi.

Tried again and it works.

Indeed individual credentials do not seem possible for now. Would be great to pass parameters in the config like we can for the Wifi SSID

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