Building Speedfusion tunnels from WAN and LAN

Hello everyone,

I am trying to build a SF tunnel bonding with LTE AND BLR WAN interface of remote site B30Pro and WAN 1 interface on HQ but it works only with LTE.

I have Content Blocking rules on B580 and to avoid it i have exampt the remote site ip address in "Exempted User Groups "

Is this be possible ?
My configuration :
SF with IP addresses of WAN 1 et LAN 2 (VLAN) interfaces.
LTE → WAN1 : everything works
BLR → LAN 2 or WAN 1 (trough LAN 2 of the 580) : status stuck at starting/establishing tunnels. In the log i can see that the B580 accept TLSv1.3 from the remote site on it address

You can only build SpeedFusion Tunnels to WAN interfaces of Peplink Appliances. Put VLAN 200 on the Balance 580 WAN3 and this would work.


Thanks @MartinLangmaid