Bug (?) in user permission?

Hi all

new to incontrol2, I’m doing some tests…

my situation:

  • a main organization (say myfirm)
  • a group (say groupA)

I created, for groupA, a new admin user “myuser” (my groupA -> settings -> Group settings) with “group dashboard viewer” priviledges…

once logged in as myuser, I see, on the upper right corner, near to “GroupA” icon (the 9 squares one), an icon with “myfirm” name, from which I can create a new organization, which is absurd from my point of view…

I can’t see any way to disable it… am I missing anything?


By default any user can create a new organisation for their own devices. These organisations are linked to the user account directly - so in your case have nothing to do with ‘myfirm’ or ‘groupA’.

As an organization owner, you don’t ‘own’ the user accounts associated with it - which does make sense for users who might have Peplink devices at home under their own organisation container in InControl and then might also pay for a managed service provider to support devices for their business (which would be under the MSP’s organisation).

I’m not sure that I would want an organisation owner who gives me access to their devices (even if only read only) to subsequently be able to limit or restrict my ability to create my own organisations for other devices…