Bug in peplink forum website design

There’s no way to get back to the company’s website from the forum. You should make the logo at the top of the forum link to the company website, not the forum.peplink.com site.

Also , please solve the bug which requires Ctrl + F5 to get the new content each time.

Hi Guys,

Thank you for the feedback. I have given your suggestions/comments to the Admin Team for review and will keep you updated on what they find.

Thank you again for your patience in this matter.

Best Regards,


The Peplink Team

Hi Jason,

Thank you for your suggestion. The forum is now improved with links back to the Peplink website.



Thanks , it’s now much better.

Also when you select ‘Add New’ to create a new post from within a specific forum, (e.g. ‘Feature Request’ ) then the form you fill in doesn’t default to the forum that you came from (i.e. it is always says ‘Product Enquiries’ for the ‘Pick a Selection’ option. This has caused me to post into the wrong forum in the past.

Thanks for your suggestions jason. Your post helped me in providing the forum link to company website.