BufferBloat - What's the current status?

I do a lot of video conferencing, and with fluctuating bandwidth (campground wifi, LTE connections, …), having the best possible upload and download is important.

I know there’s a “Mitigate BufferBloat” toggle in the support page for my Max Transit DUO, but wanted to check in with the PepLink team first to see if it’s “ready for prime time” yet?

An earlier thread from 1.5 years ago suggested it had some issues, but would love an update.


The Mitigate BufferBloat option will enable the fq_codel bufferbloat algorithm for upload traffic. It does not currently do it for download traffic. I heard through my Peplink supplier that Engineering has been working on this feature for fq_codel to mitigate bufferbloat on ingress (incoming) traffic with a target of 8.2.0 firmware.

I have Mitigate BufferBloat enabled on my Peplink routers and I am receiving an “A” Bufferbloat grade on Speed test - how fast is your internet? | DSLReports, ISP Information. This turns out to be because my provider (Comcast) is doing a good job on download bufferbloat but not such a good job on uploads in my area. You can check out your situation on Speed test - how fast is your internet? | DSLReports, ISP Information by clicking on Results, then examining the “Bufferbloat (lag)” vertical bar chart to see if Downloading or Uploading or both is causing bufferbloat issues.

As you are probably are aware, you have to set the ingress and egress speeds to around 5-10% less than the provisioned speed. That tends to be challenging with something like “campground wifi” which may also be introducing lots of WiFi lag if it doesn’t have the recent wireless airtime fairness work of the MakeWiFiFast group.

I occasionally find it beneficial to use a VPN tunnel with Forward Error Correction (FEC) which Peplink SpeedFusion has. This is most useful if packets are being dropped since FEC can reconstruct dropped packets in many situations. My workplace also has Windows RDP configured to support UDP connections which has been very beneficial in congested areas, something that the COVID situation is causing in many homes. RDP over UDP uses FEC.

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