BT Business Hub 5 setup with Peplink 380 v5

I really hope someone could help on this.

I have asked the guys at peplink but with no joy. Don’t get me wrong, they have been fantastic but been unable to help me on this.

I am trying to set up a BT Business Hub 5 through bridge mode to my Peplink 380 v5 router.

I have requested 5 static ip address from BT and also have there BT Business Hub 5 but what ever option I use I am unable to use those static IP’s

For the bridge mode on the Business Hub I have followed

FYI - On the BT Hub I have disabled the firewall so no rules are set and setup the 5 static ip address.

Connections to devices.

Plugged my telephone line into the WAN on the hub and ethernet cable from Lan1 to WAN1 on the peplink.


This is set to PPPoE
Routing mode Nat
MTU 1440

have enabled
Obtain DNS server address automatically
use custom DNS Server (Google’s)

Added the additional Public IP Address at the bottom. I have excluded the first and gateway ip address as stated in the info box.

I have also tested NAT Mappings with no joy.

Also with Inbound Access Services created a rule so I could do ICMP types Inbound so we could ping and np joy.

has anyone been able to get this to work. The only thing I could use was the NAT address given by BT but this now is dynamic :frowning:

I would suggest confirming whether the Bridge mode is working on the BT Business Hub 5. You may make the connection as below.

Laptop —> BT Business Hub 5 —> Internet

Setup of laptop:

  • Create PPPoE dialer.
  • Disable firewall if any.
  • Configure one of the static IPs into the PPPoE dialer.
  • Installed Web server.


  • Test whether the laptop manages to access to internet.
  • Test browsing the web page which enabled on the laptop from internet.

If both testing above failed. Please get help from BT support.

Hope this help.

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Did you test internet connectivity before you set the BH5 into bridge mode? If not, I would be tempted to test that first.

On a side note, once you have this working. Ditch the BH5 and replace it with a draytek 130 (modem only), I find these more reliable that the BH5.



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