Broadcasting Live


We are looking for a solution that let us communicate via IP from the field to our radio studio. As a broadcast live, we need to archieve at least 300kbps uplink to have a decent bandwidth (steady) full duplex communication in real time.

It seems bonding could aggregate some 3G lines, but the question here is the minimum latency this process would add to the communication (Audio IP codecs generates a lot of latency themselves). In radio, most of the connections are full duplex, case of an interview. As you don’t have any image, a big latency will cause a lot of silence breaks everyone waiting for others data to download, which is very annoying.

So, is bonding or aggregate capable of a duplex live broadcast or is more appropiate just for sending data to studio not in real time?

Thank you.

When bonding over multiple 3G connections, latency mostly comes from the underlying 3G links themselves and that is something beyond our control. Additional latency introduced by a pair of Peplink/Pepwave with Site-to-Site VPN is as little as < 20ms.

If the 3G links that we are bonding on have an acceptable range of latency then we could definitely give them a try.

Thank you, Kurt.

Dou you have a case study focused on broadcast live? Could be very interesting to have some more info.


No problem, Oscar. For case study or some other customer experiences that we can share, please feel free to contact our sales team at and we will talk further.