Broadcasting live events with SpeedFusion technology


  • A well established organization focusing on TV program product technology
  • Good reputation for creating programs that combine performers and staff
  • Corporate responsible company


  • This company is currently working on a live event broadcasting project
  • A stable 10Mbps connection to ensure the data stream is not disconnected
  • Cellular connection to be used in conjunction with a public network

Recommended Solution

  • We would suggest the Balance 210 to be deployed at the HQ.
  • This ultimate small branch router can work seamlessly with co-existing equipment such as switches or decoders already at the HQ via the multiple WAN and LAN ports.
  • For the live broadcasting end, a MAX Transit Duo would be used.
  • This features two cellular modems with redundant SIM slots to provide various carrier uses covering any connection drop-offs.
  • What gives the MAX Transit Duo flexibility in mobile deployments, is it’s ability to accept power input via the USB slot.
  • The MAX Transit Duo can provide simultaneous dual band Wi-Fi to reduce congestion and keep the data flowing.
  • We would recommend the SpeedFusion Bonding License to enable Bandwidth Bonding, utilizing a cellular connection simultaneously.
  • By adding PrimeCare subscription service to the Max Transit Duo, additional features such as InControl 2 will be included.

Devices Deployed