Broadcast video layer2 speed fusion


I have 2 hd4 devices
I connect Tham with layer2
Hd4 (1)= with 4 Sim public ip
Hd4 (2) = with 4 sim public ip
Camera =
I have encoder for the camera in Ip work with port 1234
But I get always drops without the encoder it’s wirks good the encoder works with many systems very very good why there is drop when I come connect the encoder ?


No idea. and not enough info to even guess. Is wan smoothing enabled? Perhaps its just poor cellular connectivity and jitter that’s causing the issues?

What does the SpeedFusion status graph show when you are streaming?


Can it work good ?

We see everything’s ok with smoothing

Can I made changes for jitter ?

Or jmbo frame or for udp frame ?

Because the video before transmitted need to encode without encode works fine

נשלח מה-iPhone שלי


It is strange that it works fine without the encoder but there are problems when the encoder is used.
What encoder is it?

No support for Jumbo frames. UDP will pass fine (although it is encapsulated in TCP across the tunnel).
You can adjust for jitter - see the latency cut off in this post:


Are you using the latest firmware 7.1.0? We have a new option “Receive Buffer” in the PepVPN profile setting screen, this will help to reduce jitter and out of order packets, but please make sure both ends of the SpeedFusion tunnel is using firmware 7.1.0.

Since Receive Buffer will introduce extra latency to the tunnel, I’d recommend you to create multiple tunnel between the two end points, and only apply Receive Buffer to the video traffics, so other non-video traffics will not be delayed, more info can be found here: