Bridging? Balance one to VPN router, really need help

This might be simple to you, but I can’t figure this out.

We have PEPLINK BALANCE ONE, taking care of all our small company network, and would like to have access to the windows network in the company from home.

The idea is to use the windows built in VPN client, so we can access the computers from the company from home.

I know windows have a built in VPN server, but I don’t want the VPN server to be based on a computer, instead I purchased a tomato router to setup a PPTP VPN server.

How would I go about bridging/connecting the two routers (main being peplink and vpn being tomato), so I can access the tomato VPN server and get access to the company network?

I did manage to connect both routers, using this article as the base:

however, while connected through the tomato router, I can enter both web based admin pages of both routers, but cannot access my main network computers and devices…

I wish balance one would have a PPTP server built in, since it does not, any ideas of how I can do this ?

Thank you!

The Balance One has both a PPTP and L2TP server built in; you don’t need your tomato router if you are setting up remote access. I have used both VPN servers with remote Windows, macOS*, iOS* and Android clients using the OS’s built-in VPN client software. I recommend using L2TP over PPTP for better security.

*macOS and iOS no longer support PPTP, so should you have any macOS or iOS users now or in the future, you will have to switch to L2TP to support them (not to mention the noted security implications).

Here is a nice write up on setting up and configuring the L2TP server on the Balance: Setting up L2TP With IPsec. To setup the PPTP server instead, select PPTP in place of L2TP.

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