Bridge or Pass-through needed on the WAN port

Great feature to have the “IP pass through” mode on the cellular side of your products such as the BR1. Very disappointed that this is not also offered on the WAN.

Scenario: What if we want the BR1 to manage the failover but need bridge mode on both because of what we are connected to? It makes sense to allow the BR1 to handle the fail over and load balancing work while in a unified bridge mode or pass through setting for both WAN & Cellular. Since we have Wi-fi as WAN we should throw that in there as well. Let the Pepwave aggregate all (as it does) but also to be able to do so in a unified pass-through mode in case it’s not the edge device performing the VPN,DHCP,Firewall,etc. functions.

Example: We have a Cisco RV042G with 50 IPsec VPN’s on it utilizing dyndns names to track the dynamic IPs. We purchased the BR1 to be able to provide cellular failover to wired ISP. However, for our VPN’s to connect, we require pass-through, which works great on the cellular side… we did not imagine it would not be existent on the wired side, as we were expecting the BR1 to manage the ISP and Cellular in a unified passthrough mode. So we can do one or the other, but we can’t allow the BR1 to handle automatically and seamlessly as it should.

Hopefully that’s enough information for this feature request. We unfortunately just had to order a Cradlepoint COR IBR650LP-AT which appears to be the only cellular router to offer this feature… I’d much rather keep the BR1.

Respectfully Yours

Just checking to see if this feature is on your product development roadmap as we have not yet received a reply.

Thank you!


Actually IP Pass-through is already a option for the BR1’s :slight_smile:

On the WAN? IP Passthrough is on option on cellular, but we also need it to work on the WAN. Please read my post again. If the BR1 does what I describe in the post, please email a link to the documentation.

Much appreactiated!

Drop-in mode is not supported on the Ethernet WAN interface. We are looking in to the feasibility of this feature request.

Thank you Tim! When implemented, the BR1 needs to be able to also perform its fail over functions between Cellular and the WAN interface while each of them are in Bridge mode.

Thanks again!

Need exact same thing for precisely the same reasons but for Max-On-The-Go

Want to use MOTG as failover artist in front of a different brand VPN router. Full IP pass-through (bridge mode) for both Wi-fi WAN and Cellular WAN is requested.

Ditto alternatively using $350 CradlePoint IBR600 (no built-in cellular, USB dongle instead) to provide failover and pass-through to VPN router. Would much prefer to use $150 MOTG to perform same.

Please let me know if that is a possibility. Would eventually be purchasing dozens of MOTGs for the field…

P/S: Noticed “Drop-in Mode” in documentation, but it doesn’t sound like what I’m looking for. If it is that, please let me know…