Bridge Mode & Loop Protection


I have created a wireless network with 3 x Pepwave Surf on the Go’s. The first Surf connects wirelessly to the gateway router and then the rest of the Surf connect to the Surf connected to the gateway router.

All the Surf’s are configured for bridge mode and all is working okay. So my question is how many Surf’s can you connect to each other in bridge mode? and What does the loop protection do? As the final two Surf’s could possible see the main wireless gateway router I switched on the loop protection for them and I could no longer connect to them. How does this work?

How can I check the speed and stability of my network?



Below is where you can find the tooltip about the “Loop Protection”. Basically it prevents Surf OTG Wi-Fi WAN connecting to another Surf OTG AP forming a loop wireless network without Internet link. This is particular useful when Surf OTG has been configured with option “Configure Automatically” under AP Settings.

About how many Surf can be daisy chained together, typically I won’t suggest anything beyond two level which is what you have configured. Each additional level will halve the bandwidth.

Personally I use speedtest and iperf to test the speed at each level.