Bridge Mode - Incoming Traffic is Blocked

I have the following scenario: Balance 580 inline mode between Check Point Firewalls and layer 2 ISP line. In the ISP there’s a router running BGP between the router and the Firewall.
Once I place the Peplink in inline mode between the two, BGP stops working. The ISP router can ping the Firewall, but cannot telent 179 (BGP TCP port).
The most strange thing is that when I turn off the Peplink and keep it inline, BGP starts working.
Any advise please?


May I know the Inline Mode you mentioned is referring to Drop-in Mode (Network > Network Settings > Drop-In Mode Settings)?

If you haven’t enable Drop-in mode in Balance 580, please enable it. Please refer here for more details.

Drop in settings: WAN1 with LAN bypass.
I know it’s working since there’s Internet. Only incoming BGP packets are being blocked.


This is strange. Please help to open ticket for us to do investigation on this.

Thank you.

Opened a case, thanks!