Brand new sealed Balance 30 Pro : warranty expired ?!?


On June 7th 2022 I bought from an Amazon seller a brand new, sealed Balance 30 Pro.
Today for the first time I set it up. While it was pretty straightforward to make it work with my 3 WAN’s (an FWA, Starlink and an external LTE modem on the USB WAN), problems came when:

  1. I signed up to InControl 2. As soon as I entered the serial number, it said in red: “Warranty Expired”. Clicking on the name shows “Warranty Expiry Date: 2020-05-09”

  2. I then tried to register the device in my Peplink account, and I could not even do that: as soon as I entered the serial number again and the purchase date, again June 7th 2022, a message in red said “Date of Sales cannot be 2 years later than the Date of Purchase”

What do I make with this? It’s a brand new sealed device, now I don’t know how long the seller had it before selling it to me, but shouldn’t any warranty Peplink provide start at the day of my purchase?

I already rose a ticket with Peplink and messaged the Amazon seller (already past 30 days return window, btw), meanwhile I thought of asking here… was I cheated with an old/already used/already registered router? The firmware was 7.something, I updated it to the latest today. Again the router works, I just cannot register it, I cannot take advantage of the first year of warranty, the trial speed connect, etc, very upsetting.

Also, in the management page there is no “speed fusion” tab but “Speed connect” instead. When I Click on activate speed fusion, the page shows no eligible devices :frowning:

Hope somebody has some insight, thank you all!

My guess is it’s old stock, if you buy from a partner they should be able to raise a ticket to their distribuitor /peplink and get the info updated, provided it was not an old unit.
It’s too early to find out if it’s old “new stock” or was already registered and the warrenty is expired.
I wouldn’t worry just yet until you hear back from your amz seller.

Probably, as mentioned, old stock. When the device is sent to the partner, the warranty start date is listed as the sale date from Peplink to the partner & the partner is supposed to update it once its sold, to their Partner->customer sell date.

Sound like that second step hasn’'t been done. Is the Amazon seller an authorised Peplink partner?

Speedfusion connect needs the device to be in an active support contract or current speed fusion connect plan, so that should fix itself for you once the sell date of the unit is fixed.