Brand and type of hardware in CAT18 cellulars and comparison with CAT12


Think about an material upgrade

Do you know what brand and type of hardware is installed in CAT18 cellular module (Flexmodule mini for Balance20x and Expansion module for Balance310X)?

It seems to be Telit LM960A18 but i want confirmation?

By experience for those who have tested these devices are they more sensitive/efficient than Sierra EM7565 CAT12? ( with “good” signal type SINR 15-30dB en RSRP 75-90dB)?

What type of gains could be expected, in upload and/or download?



it’s a telit lm960a18 as you suspect. the cat 12 is a sierra em7511 or em7565 depending on sku. the upcoming cat 7 module is likely a sierra 7411, as telit doesn’t have a cat 7 from my memory. the cat-20 is a sierra em7690 and they also use a thales mvw31 for 5g along with the sierra em9191. they both do cat 20 lte also. I use sierra and thales. Thales is WAAAY to hard to get any updates, but sierra updates regularly, the at commands have better documentation in the community. i got rid of the telit, also don’t try to just pop a em9190 in a regular flex or usb sled, they have a interface requirement to power up. I use a balance 310 5g fwiw. as far as signal, i wouldn’t expect any different between them, i am super happy to have my band 71 5g at -78 RSRP, those higher cat modules will get you better CA combincations, those cat 12 are reliable, but you will never witness 3+CA in my expeirenece. I’d splurge for the sierra flavor of whatever if you have the choice. the thales and sierra 5g work great for CA of LTE up to 5CA on my ATT tower


thank you for all that info!

any idea if the cat-7 we are expecting in the refreshed 20x will have 2 or 4 antenna ports? looks like the cat-4/6/12 are two ports and cat-18 jumps to 4 ports. thanks

@jgsieve thanks for the infos, for exemple in Balance 310x 5G and 310 5G is it a sierra em9191 or a thales mvw31?

Could you post a capture of Engineering Data of yours 310 5G please?

i bought a em9190 for a great price and currently use a thales 5g internal, a internal sierra em9190, and a external sierra em9190. FYI to update the thales firmware, which is already dated (v63 vs v79 is out now for others) it’ needs to be in it’s factory position. The em9190 does not update through the peplink, i have to pull that module and update manually.

diag report

It’s model specific & the 5GH/5GD in the product code tells you which:
BPL-310-5GD-K-T-PRM is Thales MV31
BPL-310-5GH-K-T-PRM is Sierra Wireless EM9191