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BR2 Micro

Bring fast, reliable connectivity to places where no others can fit with this tiny dual-cellular router.

Enjoy its capabilities with instant configurability and zero-touch provisioning.

It’s micro. It’s powerful.
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Interesting to note it’s CAT4 rather than CAT6 like the SFE was. What’s the reasoning behind that? Does it generate less heat? The SFE’s could get rather hot.

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Can it be used with Starlink ? Considering the new Starlink mini can be a nice compact combination? Thanks

Hello, Acroid.
Yes… But it will not be simple task… will need a L2 managed switch between BR2-micro and Starlink and VLAN and… this device it is only two LTE CAT-4 (150mbps/50mbps)

It will be more simple to use a BR1-PRO / TST-DUO-PRO or ???.

Hello @Emily_Cheng,
Our team believes your documentation, marketing, and SKUs misprint this as a Cat4.

It should be a Cat6 or greater, replacing the previous SFE (SpeedFusion Engine) with its Cat6 chipset.

It does not make sense to roll back the capabilities of this device; please work with your team to get this misprint corrected ASAP.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Hello @mldowling, we do have a CAT-7 version (for APAC & EMEA | SKU: MAX-BR2-MICRO-LTEA-E-PRM) available via email, although it’s not listed in our current marketing materials. If you need this version, please email us at [email protected]. Thank you.

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