BR2 Max pro campground wifi issues

Router won’t lock onto campground WiFi. All other devices phone, laptops, etc… have no problem. Updated firmware hoping to fix (8.4.1). Didn’t help. Would appreciate any help. Also tried reboots.

maybe you can elaborate? what do you mean it won’t lock on? walk us through things step by step, signal data, etc. what is the auth protocol the camp ground is working? is there a web page you have to auth on?

Not sure if photo’s will work. We do the same steps at every campground. Yes some do use web to authorize, however this one does not. I log into our router.
Select 2.4 wan and find campgrounds WiFi’s, select it, enter password.
The same steps work for cell phones, tablets, computers, etc…
There is also a 5G signal that just keeps scanning after selecting.
I believe you are correct that there is something in the authorizing process that is causing this boggle.
I am not sure how to diagnose that.