BR1Max LTEA - no internet

I have a BR one max LTE a cellular router on my boat I just turned it on for the first time this season and I’m not getting any Internet. The cellular light is green and the status light is green. I have a Ethernet cable wired into the unit and my pc will not recognize it, so I cant get to the admin screen. Any thoughts on how to fix?
to get it working?

Hi Peter. That can be frustrating – but we’re going to need some more information in order to be of assistance.

Connect a computer to your router and log-in. Post a screen capture of the first screen you see, the “Dashboard.” Then we’ll go from there.

If you are confident you are logged-in to your router via wi-fi that’s fine; otherwise do so via ethernet. Unless you’ve changed the IP address of the router use the one on the silver label on the bottom, likely

Also please tell us where you are in the world and the cellular carrier you are using.