BR1 via WiFi has DNS problem

I have a BR1 that is talking to Consumer Cellular via 4G. I am new to the BR1 and have been testing it by plugging into a LAN port. All is well. But, when I finally got around to connecting to the BR1 via WiFi, I could not get online. I can talk to the BR1 via its LAN side IP address, but there is a DNS problem getting out to the Internet.

Anyone have a guess?

For whatever reason, the net connection only works with Google DNS. Probably an issue with Consumer Cellular. I can live with that. Consumer Cellular does not seem to have techies familiar with the BR1.

Thanks in advance.

May i know what is the DNS server obtained when you connect via LAN port and when you connect via WIFI AP ?

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Never mind. Went to carefully re-create the problem a couple days later and could not. WiFi is working fine. Sorry for the false alarm.

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