BR1 T-Mobile Help

I recently purchased/received a Pepwave Max Br1 for use in our new rural home where currently the only ISP option is a “local” throttled satellite internet (gag)
We have an unlimited plan through T-Mobile for 4gLTE service that came with a ZTE Falcon hotspot+SIM. My speeds would range from 6mb down/2mb up to MAYBE 7.5mb down, and around 75ms ping). I purchased the Pepwave after reading several reviews hoping that since it had actual external antennas and more importantly wired LAN ports that I would receive a better signal and possibly produce better DL speeds(?)
After inserting my SIM and setting up to the best of my ability and the PDF’s available my speed test is putting me at about 600ms ping, .98mb down and .56mb up. Obviously not good. The other problem I’ve run into is my IP is changing constantly all over the country, one moment I’m in Indiana next I’m in Oregon.
I assume this is 100% due to my lack of knowledge on setting this up correctly and I would love love love some help using my pepwave.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

P.S I get 3-4 bars of 4g LTE signal (TMobile) out here in the boonies of AL


Hi Timmer,

May I know this is the physical connectivity?

Client —Wired—> BR1 )))Wifi WAN))) ZTE Falcon —> Internet

If connectivity above is correct, possible to do the test below?

Connect in this way

Client 1 )))))))))))))))Wifi)))))))))))))))))
----------------------------------------------ZTE Falcon —> Internet
Client 2 —Wired—> BR1 )))Wifi WAN)))

  1. Do speed test for Client 1 then follow by Client 2. Do let me know the result.

Thank you.

I’ll let you know as soon as I’m back from work.

Client connected via wifi to ZTE Falcon - 7.5 down, 2.2 up, 69 MS ( selected server)
Client connected wired to BR1 (same tmobile sim) - Can’t even start the speed test without timing out, best I can do is ping via CMD to - average of 1600ms
3gstore contacted me and suggested updating firmware which I did, and update cellular modules, which I did. Still no bueno :frowning:

Thanks, Jonathan

You connected the client2 in this way?
Client2 —Wired—> BR1 )))Wifi WAN))) ZTE Falcon —> Internet

If so, please do me favor below:-

  1. Ping BR1’s LAN IP. What latency do you get?

  2. Login to BR1’s Web Admin. Navigate to System > Ping.

  • Ping to ZTE Falcon IP (You may get ZTE Falcon IP at Dashboard > Details of Wifi WAN > Wi-Fi Status > Default Gateway). What latency do you get?
  • Ping to What latency do you get?

Thank you.

Sorry I misunderstood in your original reply.

I re-ran everything
Client > Wifi > ZTE > Internet = 90ms 5.83 down - 2.24 up
Client wired to BR1 > Wifi WAN > ZTE > Internet = 92ms 5.73 down - 1.94 up

Pinging to BR1 LAN IP 1ms
Pinging to ZTE 1ms
Pinging to google 80ms

Look like this is normal.

Can you share how you got this result? This is the network connectivity during you do the test - Client wired to BR1 > Wifi WAN > ZTE > Internet?