BR1 Signal Strength indication not consistent

Why are the three BR1 Wi-Fi signal strength indications different, aren’t they reading the same thing?

Hovering over the signal bars on the WAN:

Clicking on “Wireless Networks” which flicker every five seconds but don’t seem to change:

And last is “Details”:

The 79 & 80 are pretty close, but sometimes they aren’t. I requested a better real-time signal strength indication a year ago, how about it Peplink? If you’re going to show signal strength in three locations at least have them display the same thing…

Hi Rexymav,

Please refer to this reading. This is the place will show the real-time scanning.

So what is “Wireless Networks” showing, is that the level when it connected but it then doesn’t change while connected even though it flickers like it is re-scanning?

The “Wireless Networks” is showing a snapshot taken at a regular interval whereas the dashboard is showing the real-time strength. Thanks.

Then why is the “Wireless Networks” so different and so much higher? The following shots were seconds apart and via “Wireless Networks” it is just sitting on -95 where as dashboard is moving between -82 to -86:

I just turned on Remote Assistance if you want to look at it and I’m going in via IC2 since this is not local:


Looks like this is on a boat moving around a harbor so it doesn’t surprise me that signal is fluctuating. The Wireless networks is a snapshot taken at a given moment in time and is used as a reference. The dashboard will indicate the real-time strength.

They’ve been on the dock tied up stationary for days (and when I did those screen shots) so that isn’t it. They just left so too late for now, but I’ve seen the same thing on other units…