BR1 Pro Lock to 5G

In the new builds is there an option to lock to 5G (or virtually lock to 5G by selecting a band).

My Pro loves grabbing onto LTE and never letting go - but once it finds a 5G band we are good to go!

Yep, I believe Band Selection is in 8.2, now in RC status. You can grab it and see if that works.

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Thanks @Keith ! Do I need to update my FusionHub or I can run mixed firmware? Also, rollback options?

I’m not sure I understand your questions. They’re unrelated to the Band Selection.

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If I upgrade to RC1, if there is a problem can I roll the firmware back?


Yes, you can reboot back to the previous firmware if you found any issue after the firmware upgrade. All Peplink devices support 2 firmware partition and you can easily use the reboot option to boot back to the previous firmware. The configuration before you initiate the upgrade will still retain in the previous firmware partition.

Please refer to the boot option screenshot below that taken from my test device.

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So I am on the RC2 build and although I can select bands, apparently I need LTE enabled to get to 5G. The BR1 Pro 5G just dose not want to try and move to the faster network. If I disable the modem and enable it a few times then it works.