BR1 Pro 5G Verizon activation troubles

Hello! Trying to activate my new BR1 Pro 5G on Verizon’s network. I have an existing personal account with my cell phone. I’ve done a lot of reading around here and it seems it’s either luck of the draw with who you get on the phone or others are able to use the jetpack trick where the activate with the sim in another device and then swap it to the pepwave. I do not have a jet pack so have been ping-ponging off Verizon departments for the better part of a day now.

I managed to get to “Tier 2” a day ago after the IMEI causing issues with sales and tier1 support. The gentleman said hes activated these devices before and left “notes” on my account. Said it would have to either be activated as “hotspot or a router”. He had to send me a 5G SIM.

Then today I call with the new SIM and I get sent back between sales and support a few times. Final rep refused to escalate to tier 2. They “weren’t able to generate a plane for the device”. Eventually sent me to pre-paid. They couldn’t get the SIM out if a “pending activation” state and I decided to give up and see if I could find any good info here.

What plan are you using to activate these BR1’s on Verizon’s network for a personal account?


Edit: Call 3 with VZW went just as well… Is is allowable on here to ask for someone to provide their IMEI of a 5G jetpack if they have one so I can just get a order submitted?

I ended up using the IMEI of a 5G Verizon jetpack I found on an ebay listings pictures. I used it both to submit the order on Verizons customer portal and again when chatting with them to activate the device. New SIM worked from the get-go in the Pepwave. Funny part is its identified as a Pepwave Max BR1 on Verizons portal now even though it’s IMEI didn’t let them create a plan.

What a mess and waste of time but its all working now!


Thanks for sharing Matt. Shameful treatment by Verizon of its customers.