BR1 PRO 5G & T-mobile prepaid simple unlimited

I recently purchased a tmobile sim with the $50 prepaid phone plan. Plugged into the modem, no issue and it connected right away. However, my download speed is capped. Speed test indicates upload at 25mbps however the download is throttled to 600kbps. I called tmobile and they had recognized the sierra modem already. Is anyone successfully using this plan?

is it a phone plan or data plan?

You need a tablet plan. T-Mobile is partnered with Peplink and are aware of the IMEI’s so if you have an improper plan you will be trotted by the network.

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You mean a data plan. Tablet plan is for tablets.

I ended up calling them and they switched it to a hotspot plan for now. Would the IMEI not raise issues with the tablet plan? Seems like the tablet plans are pretty limited (2GB).


How are you folks getting a plan that works at T Mobile? I’ve spent 2 hours in a store, been given two sims a isp sim and a MI sim. Neither will connect. I’ve been on three plans (an isp plan, a 100 GB 5G data plan and a 100 GB Mobile Internet for Mobile Hotspot plan) and none will complete the connection. They grab a band go no further. I’ve yet to find a person in 1st, 2nd or 3rd line support in my 5 hours on the phone who has ever heard of this device, but they all think it looks cool.

Set ttl to 65 on the wan sid, but they may have a problem with that imei, as it’s a hotspot using a handset imei

Thanks jgsieve for the suggestion. Turns out that T-Mobile is not supporting ANY Peplink products at more than 50 GB at this time. Although I had a 100 GB Sprint plan, they will not grandfather it in and just dumped me onto a T-Mobile plan and then let me spend 3 days nagging them until they fessed up that they would not honor Sprint plans.


Correct, was discussed a few times on this forum… 50 GB plans work… 100GB were giving issues for many folks.