BR1 Pro 5G - (Relatively) Poor PepVPN Performance

Before I open a ticket are there any known performance issues with the PepVPN implementation in the BR1 Pro 5G under 8.2.0 firmware when connecting to a FusionHub running 8.1.3?

The BR1 is connected to a GigE leased line, and there are a couple of PepVPN profiles configured and not a lot else in terms of configuration aside from some barebones house keeping stuff.

Using the built in PepVPN speed test the unit is struggling to exceed around 200-250Mbps of throughput - this is substantially below the rated 400Mbps stated on the data sheet. There is no encryption configured on the PepVPN profile.

During this testing we notice that the CPU on the BR1 never exceeds around 40% utilisation which suggests to me that something is possibly limiting the PepVPN process ability to fully utilise the CPU of the BR1. I have not yet had a chance to test performance using tools outside of the built in PepVPN testers.

Using WAN Analysis from the BR1 to the same FusionHub shows the unit can do 1Gbps throughput outside of the VPN using just a single thread.

The same FusionHubs when tested using other units on the same connection such as a 310X can easily achieve ~500-600Mbps of PepVPN throughput.

You are getting 1Gbps by using WAN analysis with BR1 Pro 5G. May I know you are tested with TCP or UDP protocol?

Hi TK,

All TCP, I will test again using UDP but am out of the office at the moment.

Is it better for me to open a support ticket so we can work through this?

Yes, you may open a ticket and attention to me.


Hi TK, sorry for the delay - the BR1 was taken by a colleague to test 5G in a city :slight_smile:

I have now opened a ticket #22030620 for you.