BR1 Pro 5G - Power Connector

Does anyone know the exact manufacturer / part (or a compatible one) for the connector used on the BR1 Pro 5G PSU?

I am guessing it is a molex connector of some kind, but their catalogue is rather vast.

I am looking at building an enclosure and power system for a BR1 so I can run the whole thing in a sealed box over PoE but would like to avoid cutting up the power supply that it came with.

It is a Molex Micro-fit 3.0 dual row (4 circuits) connector. I found them on Amazon and made a cable for my RV.

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I ended up buying the Peplink GPIO cable ACW-634 to hardwire them in my campervan. It might be a more expensive option but its ‘off the shelf’ and easy.


Thanks both, either way works and I’ll probably just order a few bags of Molex connectors to get me going with the option of just buying the Peplink cable kit at the same time as the BRs if necessary.

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