BR1 Pro 5G - 8 reasons why it should be your choice


BR1 Pro 5G - 8 reasons why it should be your choice

Good news everyone!

We’re adjusting the price of our BR1 Pro in a very favorable way to our customers. Bringing 5G into your network has never been easier.

Watch our video to find out why the BR1 Pro 5G might be the right device for you.

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How to get C Band support on Peplink 5G Routers

All Peplink 5G-H routers are equipped with the necessary hardware to support the C-band spectrum. While these products are already certified on all major US carriers, there are some additional certifications needed to achieve C-Band support. We are waiting for the underlying 5G module supplier to finalize the firmware and certifications needed to open this band up for our products. Once these requirements have been completed, we will make a cellular firmware upgrade available for applicable devices.

**Only the -5GH models can support C-Band in the US.

Once the update is available, you can easily use InControl for over the air bulk updates, or use the Web Admin to update devices individually.

[Method 1] For upgrading cellular firmware, either in bulk or individually, via InControl:

[Method 2] To update the firmware for devices through the Web Admin, visit HERE for detailed steps.


Will there be SA support?

I do want to say thank you for lowering the price, which prompted me to finally upgrade from my SOHO with 8800L jetpack. Its still very expensive even with the drastic price drop but more in line with other offerings, since it is also available on Amazon it was just to easy to purchase with a no interest payment plan.

Just got it today and the Verizon sim from the jetpack worked perfectly with a post paid phone plan with jetpack as a add on line with discount and 50GB of data.

Works exactly like my old setup except faster (same as my iPhone 13 so far) and much better integration and no more swelling batteries from a permanent connected jetpack. The only thing that would make it better is more lan ports, usb, and upgradeable modem module for future proofing while still having a similar price, but at this point it is just about perfect as an RV connectivity solution.

Hi Mystery, thanks for your question. Our 5G products do support standalone mode. However, some models do not support it by default, and the configuration can be varied from region to region.

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What about in the USA

I believe the BR1 Pro 5g uses the Qualcomm X55 modem the same as the iPhone 12 and it supports SA, so it would not be a hardware issue: Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 5G Modem-RF System | Complete 5G Solution | Qualcomm

OK thanks. I seem to recall postings a few months ago stating that SA was not supported but may be confused.

Is there an update on when the firmware will be available? Or a general timeline?