BR1 MK2 - No wifi network visible!

Hello! I’m working with a customer who has the BR1 MK2 and a MacBook Pro. He called because he can’t get back to the PW’s IP address. We checked on his Mac and his phone and there is not a Pepwave wifi network visible. I then added his unit to my IC2 account and it does not have a connection so I couldn’t check the priority settings remotely. We then performed a factory reset using the reset button on the router. All lights are green, but still no wifi network is visible. We also tried with an ethernet cable and still cannot get to the IP address. Any suggestions? We just need to get in and adjust his priorities and then hopefully this whole issue will be resolved. Thanks for your help!

Hi Allison, it doesn’t sound like it actually got factory reset. The pin reset button needs to be pressed for a complete count of 10 seconds. You will know it worked when you see all the lights flash and the status light will go red. After resetting and booting back up the status light will go green and the device will be back with default out-of-the-box settings.

Next time feel free to hit me up directly - you know how to get a hold of me :slight_smile: Maybe I can add you to my Teams for more direct communication. Thanks

I’m having a similar problem. I was able to see the Pepwave Wifi network, but when looking at prioritizing my connections, I lost the wifi network and therefore access to the IP address. I unplugged the router for a few seconds and waited for the Status and cellular lights to go green and the wifi is flashing green. I hooked up an ethernet cable and now have access back to the IP address but I still can’t see the Pepwave wifi network. Any suggestions before I do a factory reset?

UPDATE - After about 20 minutes, it randomly came back on. Weird