BR1 MK2 Ethernet WAN failure

Good afternoon,

I have been using a BR1 MK2 for ages but today it has lost it’s WAN connectivity but retained WIFI on the 5gHz but not the 2.4ghz.

I tried direct connection, avoiding the switch which splits it usually, via ethernet and reset my default gateway IP to but still no joy.

I have tried a hard reset using a paperclip but still cannot see the router.

I see the wifi as PEPWAVE_050DC but do not know the password.

Any ideas?

Have you tried testing with a different cable? Bypassing the Peplink and directly connecting to your WAN source to verify its working? Do any of the lights on the port illuminate?

Password might be printed on the bottom of the device?

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Thanks for that, the simple solutions are the best!
It turns out the switch is the problem,

Cheers Mikle